practices antidisciplinary creativity. She is driven mostly by fascination, distraction, compassion, indignation, and fun. She believes in the magic of weird ideas. She plans to live on a boat and have boat parties and be called captain even though that’s a naval term for an authority figure and she wouldn’t want to join the navy or become an authority figure. She’d rather be a pirate but not kill anyone. She thinks the role of art is to dream: to extend what seems possible and thereby what is, to permit nonsense, to speak for the dead, to prompt gay awakenings, to ask “what if?” and also “what the fuck?”, to uphold the heroic potential of everyone, to travel widely on the cheap, to act as a thoroughfare for fairies and spirit guides and off-duty psychopomps probably, to laugh at serious matters, to mock the power of kings, to eroticise irresponsibly, to originate from mysterious processes, to edge close to the wisdom of madness, to be egregiously misinterpreted. She often writes manifestos for no one. This might be one.